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My sacrifice
for her belonging

Ark is a movement of communities dedicated to providing family and belonging to vulnerable kids

Interested in Care?

That’s excellent news!

We’d love to answer your many questions and give you a realistic understanding of what to expect as you consider stepping into out-of-home care.

Step In

Already a Carer?

Good on you!

You’ve already stepped into this rewarding and challenging life and we are here for you.

Through our support communities you will find belonging and community.

I love my Ark group - I just don't have other friends who understand our crazy family dynamics.

Sam, providing care for 3 boys


We want your community to hear about one of the most important social issues of our time – out-of-home care.  We’ve made engaging with this issue as simple as it can be for you to encourage Godly families to get involved.



Ark wants to find families for vulnerable kids 

Ark can support the carers involved

Can you help us spread this message?


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