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When you give, kids get a hope and future.

* A bub has just been added to an ARK family

* 2 siblings have navigated the loss of a parent

* A baby of a teenage mum has been taken in, while supports are created for her to get her life on track

* A little girl has left foster care and found a forever home with loving parents

* 2 kids are now permanent in their carer’s family

* A young girl has thrived after a carer has advocated for her medical care

* A teen has found belonging in a new respite family

* A toddler has been adopted from care into forever

* A teen with behavioural issues is being accepted and patiently loved through it

* A respite family have now taken on the kids full-time

* A child has had medical intervention completed, and is expected to fully recover

* A brand new foster family got their first foster child

* An adoption was finalised

* 5 new families decided to enter accreditation for foster care

These are just some of the stories we know about from our nation-wide network just during the past month.

We’re told people want to hear stories before they ‘buy-in’ to our mission.

We understand that.

It’s easier to give when you feel you know lives are being changed as a result.

But the difficulty we face in the foster care sector, is that these stories are delicate, confidential, and they don’t belong to us.

Our job as carers and advocates is to protect the lives and stories of the kids we represent and care for, and it means the only stories we can tell are with broad brushstrokes, so they’re not able to be identified as belonging to a specific child.

But the snapshot above really does say it all… kids from hard places are having their lives transformed when godly people step into the mission of caring for them, and taking them in.

ARK makes sure more godly families hear and respond to this mission, and we endeavour to make sure those who do are supported, uplifted, and have someone walking alongside them.

As carers, we are stronger, together.

When you support ARK, you are changing lives like the ones above.

Thank God for those who’ve joined our tribe already, and the invitation still stands for anyone else who can contribute to us changing lives: When you give, kids get a hope and future.

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