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Every child needs family

Pastors & Leaders

Great to have you connecting with us!

ARK exists to re-engage families in communities of faith with out-of-home care. We do that predominantly in 2 ways:

1. Advocating for families to step into out-of-home care, and

2. Supporting families who have.

We know you have far too much on your plate already, and so many programs already to oversee! That’s why ARK doesn’t require your time or effort – no leader to raise up, no program to implement. Now that got your attention didn’t it?!

We simply know there is a real need for your people who are involved in out-of-home care to find support and understanding from others who are like-minded and skilled in responding to the needs of vulnerable kids. And we also know that more families will take up the challenge if they know there is a support network around them – prepared to journey with them along the way.

We would love you to consider inviting us to share this important message with your congregation.

Story of some carers & their connection with ARK:

One ARK gathering early on, we had a couple who were about to have a 6 month placement finish with a small baby they’d had since birth. The foster mum was in tears, grieving the separation. That day 2 other couples, neither trained as counsellors or pastors, were the best possible people to speak into her life and to pray with her, as they had been through the same situations themselves. This is the extended family (Body!) doing its work. It’s not about the leader having to do everything or having all the expertise, it’s about families with a like-vision and passion, supporting and journeying with each other through the inevitable challenges of out of home care. It means families can persevere and succeed. It means they have somewhere to be vulnerable.

We would love you to consider inviting us to share this important message with your congregation.

Here’s what we commit to:

  • we will come to you at no cost (we do accept honorariums and offerings, but we do not request them)

  • we will bring a quality, challenging message to your congregation

  • we will follow-up/run an information session for those who express interest

  • we will raise up, train and mentor leaders to run the ARK community within your local context

  • we will resource the ARK community

We simply believe this message needs to be presented to every Christian community of faith in Australia, and we don’t want anything hindering that from happening.

Just so it’s clear, here’s our process:

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