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Every Child Is Worth It

About Ark

In Australia the out-of-home care system is at breaking point

Families in the ark network gather together, forming small, local communities, to find and provide support for each other. An ARK community has families involved in foster care, permanent care, respite care and/or adoption, all with the desire to show these kids belonging, unconditional love, a new hope and a brighter future.

We seek to be part of the answer, raising awareness of the need for brilliant families to step into the care of these precious kids, and to provide stable support for those who choose to step up. We want to see families who engage in out-of-home care succeeding, thriving, persevering and raising kids who are well equipped for adulthood.

Children are the most vulnerable in any culture

They are devoid of the power to affect their own circumstances, and by design, require someone to care for them, to advocate for them and to respond to their most basic of needs. For most, that care comes in the form of a parent, but unfortunately for some, their parent figure is not on hand. Families in the ARK network have chosen to respond to the needs of those children, through either adoption or foster care.

Responding is not easy. It requires great sacrifice. It requires considering the need of others above our own desires. It requires understanding that we may be a child’s only hope of succeeding in life. It requires compassion for kids who have found themselves in circumstances they didn’t choose, and being prepared to do something practical about that. It requires love. It requires grace. It requires pain, but it brings great reward and fulfillment.

ARK’s mandate therefore, is twofold:

  • We advocate for people to step into out-of-home care.

  • We create support networks, underpinned by Christian values, for those involved in out-of-home care.

If you’re interested in foster-care or adoption, or are a pastor or leader of a community of faith, we’d love to connect with you. 

Just to clarify, ARK is NOT an agency, but we've love to connect you with one in your local area.


To see a movement of people modelling the compassion of God bringing vulnerable kids into family.


To be extended family, living out the gospel of Jesus, by inviting vulnerable kids into our hearts, homes and families through adoption and foster care.


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