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Created for community

ARK communities exist for you, even before you’ve completed your training.

Here’s how: We’ve noticed that in most communities of faith, out-of-home carers often feel a little isolated and alone. Not because people don’t care, but because there are simply so few carers in a congregation. ARK communities exist so that carers, whether new or experienced, can connect, support, encourage and grow together.

Within an ARK community there could be respite carers, foster carers, permanent carers or adoptive parents, all becoming a part of ‘extended family’ to each other, and providing the proverbial ‘village’ for these kids.

If you join an ARK community, you’ll connect with like-minded people who want to spur you on to succeed and thrive as a carer.

Most carers see out-of-home care as something just for them – but we want our network of carers growing! Within community, we share in that vision, and tend to band together in advocating for more families to step into the challenge and privilege of positively impacting these kids. We’d love you to be a part of that.

ARK communities exist to support you, but also so you can support, spur on and help recruit others.

Add to that: ARK provides resources to carers in our network.

It’s obligation free, but something we know that if you invest your time into, you will be richly rewarded in relationships and support.

ARK Communities in your area:

No local ARK community near you? Here’s some options:

Invite us to your community of faith to share our vision in bringing hope to kids

(email a link to our ‘pastors and leaders’ page to your pastor)


Discuss the idea of beginning an ARK community with another local family involved in out-of-home care. Contact us and we’ll make a time to chat with you all about it

(In person, by phone or via video-link)

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