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Giving Birth Is A Superpower

To carry, nurture, and deliver a baby is such an extraordinary part of the human existence... and yet it’s so common we forget just how extraordinary it is.

The way God designed the body of women – to be able to incubate a tiny human as it grows, and to adjust and stretch for birth… to then develop the ability to lactate – just in time for that first moment the bub needs sustenance outside the womb – if you ponder the whole process for just a few moments, it really is quite breathtaking.

A clump of cells - our children are not.

The same as men - women certainly are not.

Women are unique, and motherhood is a gift, a privilege and an honour.

And birthing is one thing, but motherhood is much more than just that.

A woman may birth a child, but nurturing a child takes a mother.

Motherhood requires love, sacrifice, intuition, counselling, mind-reading, accountability, role-modelling, tongue-biting, acceptance, adaptability, and a jarring requirement to let go.

Some mums care for children they birthed.

Others care for children birthed by others.

Some care for both.

Some care for adult children.

Some remember their children in tears.

Some never knew them.

364 days of the year mothers live attentive to the needs and desires of those who count on them.

And so to set aside this one day of the year, unapologetically, for mums – well, that’s a good thing.

Mothers… carers of kids… superheroines… we celebrate you.

Happy Mothers Day.

Prov 31:28

“…Her children arise and call her blessed…”

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