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Fun Fact:

ARK employees are missionaries, funded by faithful financial supporters who’ve decided to partner with them by investing on a regular monthly basis. ARK takes no administration fees out of this support - it’s 100% directed to the salary of the ARK employee specified by the supporter. We are in need of more faithful financial partners who’d like to join the tribe in this way.

The following ARK employees are still in need of financial partners:

Louise Pekan (WA Manager) Lucas & Heather Packett (National Directors)

If you’d like to become a financial partner of any of the above employees, it’s really easy: Hop on to your online banking app, set up a regular monthly payment (there’s no set or requested amount... this is up to you and under God’s leading)

Pop in ARK’s BSB: 083-210 and Acct: 771 776 616

Put in the description either “[Yoursurname]4Pekan” or “[Yoursurname]4Packett” (so we know where to allocate the funds)

That’s it! If you’d prefer to give by credit card please PM us and we’ll send through a form.

If you’d like to receive newsletters and updates from your employee we’d love to connect with you, so would love your email address too.

ARK is making a nationwide difference because of the backing and generosity of those who make it possible.

Come join our tribe!

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